Long-term capital appreciation….income….tempered portfolio volatility….positive absolute performance….

These are goals we work toward every day by researching and selecting a balance of equities that possess strong company-specific fundamentals combined with investments in corporate and convertible bonds of short duration.

What sets us apart?

At the Greenspring Fund, we attempt to identify attractive investments selling at a discount to the underlying value of the businesses.  As these businesses thrive and their securities become more widely recognized, the resulting increased sponsorship from the investment community should ultimately produce a positive effect on the security prices.  Under these guidelines, we blend short duration, higher yielding corporate bonds and value-oriented equities to construct a Greenspring Fund portfolio that does not intentionally try to mimic or shadow a specified index.

Long-term Portfolio Manager tenure is an important differentiating factor at the Greenspring Fund. Chip Carlson has been the Portfolio Manager since 1987 and Mike Fusting, CFO and Co-Chief Investment Officer of Corbyn Investment Management, the Fund’s Advisor, has been at the Fund since 1989. Mike Goodman has been a Senior Investment Analyst at Corbyn since 2009 and a Portfolio Manager of the Fund since 2022. Their dedication to the Greenspring Fund’s investment philosophy has allowed for the Fund’s performance during their management tenure to be without the “noise” and “distortion” of frequent manager turnover that is often apparent in today’s mutual fund industry.

Personalized service also sets us apart at the Greenspring Fund.  Our intent is to not only preserve and increase our shareholders’ capital but to do so in a personalized manner that increases the shareholder’s investment knowledge and overall Greenspring Fund experience.

Value-Oriented Approach

“We feel it is important to be as analytical, objective and non-emotional as possible and study the fundamentals of companies with an eye toward the future.  Using the swings of other investors’ emotions to our advantage, as opposed to surrendering to the sentiment of the times.”

Chip Carlson, CFA – Portfolio Manager of the Greenspring Fund

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